“The easy job search solution in 30 minutes!”

Dr Graham Wilson is an expert at supporting senior executives finding new jobs. He then acts as their confidant when they’ve been appointed to their new position. He was at one time the other side of the desk having been Group HR Director of Sodexo, responsible for 54,000 employees. He has earned an enviable reputation in Organisational Development, is a trained psychotherapist and member of the BACP and has chaired scientific conferences both here and abroad. Many of his current clients are ‘people of power’ in top positions of large organisations. He knows what he’s talking about.

How about you? After several years of hard work and creativity putting together a thesis to get a doctorate, you’ve decided you can’t stand working in academia any more. So here you are, highly qualified and with a fantastic track record of academic achievement. Then you get a shock. To work in the commercial field you discover with a sinking heart that you’re likely to be in competition with graduates who’ve already been in work several years. You’ll find yourself at a disadvantage unless a doctorate is required in the job spec.

At your level of achievement, Graham feels strongly that 90% of the best jobs that could be yours to enjoy are not likely to be advertised. Or if they are, they’re a formality. His long experience leads him to believe that having a chat with the decision maker is far and away more valuable than going through the standard interviewing process. I recommend his post on “Converting online applications to job interviews – the 30 minute solution” which illustrates beautifully the point he makes.



About anrah

Anrah is a business development consultancy specialising in helping senior women in engineering and science, their teams and doctoral students increase 'presence', improve communication and generate impact to win stakeholder buy-in at the highest level.
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