“Leadership Presence: The Three Influencers That Win Trust”

As a leader, your role is to get people to follow you. You will win your first agreement  because you are trusted – you will have convinced people to believe you, believe what you say is true, to believe in your judgement. Trust has to be earned. How do you do that?

Leadership Presence is that added magic unconscious influencer that creates the trust that gets others to buy in. It’s in your intention, your attitude, your behaviour, your performance – who and how you are with your audience. In creating ‘presence’, 3 things are happening at the same time. These unconscious influencers are:

  1. What’s going on inside you (Your Inner Game)
  2. What’s going on outwardly your external process, how you manage your unconscious communication and your language (Your Outer Game)
  3. What’s going on with your audience (Your Impact)

Your Inner Game 

What’s going on inside you is fundamental to your ability to influence others. It is determined by how convinced you are, how well you influence yourself. And there is no point in pretending – people will sniff out a mismatch between what’s in your head and what you are doing. You cannot put on a mask and expect to get away with it[1]. The watcher’s unconscious mind will perceive and log your facial expressions and body language even if they don’t consciously notice them. So you will be spotted, whether you like it or not.

Your prospects are likely to be unconsciously picking up the information that determines whether they trust you. They will be asking themselves:

  • Your self belief – can they trust your judgement? How well do you influence yourself? Do you trust yourself? Based on what?
  • Your self awareness – do you have inner knowledge of your strengths and how to play them? Do you know your weaknesses and how to overcome them?
  • Your optimism – do you believe in future possibilities and opportunities?
  • Your motivation – how hungry are you? How badly do you want this? By how much?
  • Your integrity – can they rely on you, your truthfulness and your honesty?
  • Your intention – are you clear as to your mission for yourself and your team?
  • Your purposefulness – are you are certain and sure of your direction?
  • Your drive – are you excited and inspired by your vision? Are you willing to commit the energy to make it a reality?
  •  Your determination – are you resilient and steady in ‘holding the line’ under fire? Are you unshakable in the face of adversity? Do you recover quickly from set backs?
  • Your commitment – are you prepared to sacrifice, give up and give away a great deal to stay loyal to your promise? Do you mean it?
  • Your self discipline – are you ready to strive all day and every day to fulfill your objectives? Are you rigorous about planning and preparation? Do you prioritise your time and attention?
  • Your self care – do you exercise and pay attention to your own health and other needs? Do you give yourself time away from the office? Do you spend time with friends and family?
  • Your gravitas – do you take what you do and what you believe seriously? Do you act on it?

Next time: we’ll explore Your Outer Game

[1] Paul Ekman  voted one of the top psychologists of the 20th century researched the changes in facial expression that flit across people’s faces even when they are trying to conceal or repress them. He discovered 3,000 different expressions that appear 1/15th – 1/25th of a second on someone’s face.


About anrah

Anrah is a business development consultancy specialising in helping senior women in engineering and science, their teams and doctoral students increase 'presence', improve communication and generate impact to win stakeholder buy-in at the highest level.
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