“How You Get Lucky And Rally Your Troops!”

I’ve been particularly lucky this week! Let me give you a list:

  1. When men replaced a section of cast iron downpipe on my little Victorian terraced house, they also offered to replace extra guttering inclusive of their fee.
  2. Yesterday, when I was out walking my greyhounds, I spotted on a noticeboard that a mower was for sale for £20. When I rang, I recognised the person as a fellow dog walker. I went to inspect and she offered to give it for free if I made a donation to a greyhound charity.
  3. On Tuesday, a good friend and business contact put forward my name as someone who’d be perfect to give an entertaining presentation to the organisers of the Women In Logistics “Future Trends In Logistics And Supply Chain” event next Friday.

How come I’m the lucky one this week?

Professor Richard Wiseman made a special study into what makes one person lucky and another unlucky in his book “The Luck Factor”. Having researched extensively, he came to the conclusion that the lucky person is someone who:

  1. Creates, notices and acts upon chance opportunities
  2. Makes successful decisions using their intuition and gut feeling
  3. Expects good luck in future and perseveres even if the chance of success seems slim
  4. Transforms bad luck into good fortune

Clearly, luck is the way you see it.

One of the ways to create and act upon chance opportunities (Principle 1) is to have a wide circle of friends and acquaintances. My second and third lucky events bear this out.

Research into what makes for happiness and a long life has found that one of the biggest factors is to belong to a strong and vibrant community. I am lucky enough to enjoy living in a particularly lively and jolly neighbourhood. Though thanks to Facebook, Twitter and other social media, I’ve also created a community online by joining up and connecting with my friends and acquaintance regularly.

For instance just an hour ago, a woman came into the Rusty Bicycle (where I’m enjoying a cappuccino and writing this post) and announced a 9 year old boy was missing, last seen in Leopold St, Oxford (around the corner) and that the police were looking for him. I immediately tweeted and facebooked the news. Friends and connections retweeted and spread it. Thankfully he was found soon after and I was able to announce his recovery. Though it gave me a sense of the power and value of belonging, particularly when I announced on Facebook that he’d been found and that his mother was on the point of strangling him for giving her such a fright and seeing the number of “Likes” from fellow mothers!

It got me to thinking how I create that sense of belonging in business. In order to do that, a good first step would be to create a powerful rallying point that others identify with. A flag if you like. My business brand consists of “Influence, Presence, Impact”. I would like personally to be known for Quality, Expertise and Connection.

  • Quality: I give the very best I can offer
  • Expertise: what I do is based on years of exploration, ideas and learning
  • Connection: I care very much for my clients and their best interests

What are the three words you’d use to describe who you are, the three words that sum up your personal brand?

In future posts, I’ll be exploring the idea of how you create that sense of belonging and get others to identify with and following you further.


About anrah

Anrah is a business development consultancy specialising in helping senior women in engineering and science, their teams and doctoral students increase 'presence', improve communication and generate impact to win stakeholder buy-in at the highest level.
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2 Responses to “How You Get Lucky And Rally Your Troops!”

  1. louisewheeler says:

    What a wonderful post Sarah – thanks. Good news then – we can ALL be lucky and we have the power to make it happen!
    The three words idea is great as it really challenges us to get laser-clarity about what we stand for and want to achieve
    Hope you enjoy using your lawn mower and thanks for truly caring for your clients – it is much appreciated!

    • anrah says:

      Many thanks, Louise for your kind remarks. Yes, you ARE lucky and you have the power to make it happen!

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