“Sausage Fingers And Goldfish: 4 Strategies For Questions And Answers!”

I hope you enjoyed this bizarre title – it’s thanks to Justin Patton, writer of “Bodylitics”, a blog on how to develop outstanding presentation and and body language skills.

Justin and I are part of a Linked In discussion group “Great Communicators! Effective Presenting And PowerPoint”. I asked the group to give me their thoughts and advice on how to handle difficult Questions and Answers. Justin and others provided lively debate and some illuminating ideas which inspired him to write this post on his own blog site entitled, “4 Effective Q And A Strategies Used During the GOP Debate”.

Justin takes as his wonderful example, the televised debates showing off Republican candidates and their capacity for handling close scrutiny….or not! He uses the mistakes candidates made to show effective ways you can handle the challenge of Questions And Answers. Newt Gingrich has “sausage fingers”, Herman Cain has blinky eyes,  John Huntsman evades the question and Rick Perry (after his spectacular “Ooops….” blooper) is wooden.

Enjoy an amusing and insightful read here…..


About anrah

Anrah is a business development consultancy specialising in helping senior women in engineering and science, their teams and doctoral students increase 'presence', improve communication and generate impact to win stakeholder buy-in at the highest level.
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