“Getting To The Buy In Of The Decision Maker”

Whilst others are toasting themselves in the sunshine this afternoon, I am at the Trusty Rusty (the Rusty Bike – our local pub in Magdalen Road) hoping to finish the chapter I told you about on how essential Leadership Presence is to convincing a decision maker to buy in to the vision of the business leader. Over a big pot of Early Grey tea I have been wrestling with a Word doc that keeps crashing unexpectedly (aaaagggghhhh!) losing my pearls of wisdom!

Anyhow, here’s an excerpt that enlarges on what I said earlier. I wanted to list the things that others unconsciously get from you that makes them more (or less) confident to buy in to your vision.

There are 3 aspects to Leadership Presence that support the buy in – what’s going on for you internally (your ‘Inner Game’), externally (your ‘Outer Face’) and how you manage the decision maker’s reaction (‘Audience Response’):

Your ‘Inner Game’

  • Your self belief – are you confident in yourself? Do you trust your judgement?
  • Your optimism – how confident are you in future possibilities and opportunities?
  • Your motivation – how badly do you want this? By how much?
  • Your integrity – how far are you ready to compromise yourself?
  • Your intention – are you clear as to your mission for yourself and your team?
  • Your purposefulness – how sure are you of yourself?
  • Your drive – are you excited and inspired by your vision? How much energy have you got to making it a reality?
  •  Your determination – how resilient are you? How steady are you in ‘holding the line’ under fire? How unshaken are you by adversity?
  • Your commitment – what are you prepared to sacrifice, give up, give away?
  • Your self discipline – are you ready to strive all day and every day to fulfill your objectives? How well do you plan?
  • Self care – do you exercise? Do you give yourself time away from the office?

Your ‘Outer Face’

  • Your presentation – how do you dress, how do you take care of your appearance, how you hold yourself, your poise, your manner?
  • Your focus – how important is the other person to you? How well do you listen them? How well do you take them into consideration?
  • Your communication – what does your body language tell, what register of language do you use, your voice, your delivery, tone, pitch and your listening style

Your Audience’s Response

  • Audience know-how – how well do you read your decision maker? How well do you manage the PLU (People Like Us) skills that inspire confidence? How do you make the decision maker feel about themselves in your company? How do they respond to you in the short, medium and long term? Is that the response you wanted?
It’s a delicate interplay and needs to be handled with care. Some seem to manage it effortlessly. Others not so.

Looking forward to hearing what you think. 

About anrah

Anrah is a business development consultancy specialising in helping senior women in engineering and science, their teams and doctoral students increase 'presence', improve communication and generate impact to win stakeholder buy-in at the highest level.
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