£3 Million In 3 Years!

This is a strong recommendation to read a hidden gem of a blog!

Jeremy Hall is a shrewd and energetic entrepreneur. He successfully sold his leasing company 3 years ago for a goodly sum and now he is wanting to out-achieve himself. He has set himself to make £3 million in 3 years! Not only that, he is writing a short blog entry every day to chart his progress.

This blog is an incredibly honest, lively and direct account of his life and how he is tackling his task. Read this for an example:

“Meeting with Mr. Young today,(he is 61 buts looks 31) he informs me he reads this blog and enjoys it. I feel quite proud, it is only recently that I have learnt to spell, let alone write a blog on a daily basis. I know the grammar is poor, there are many mistakes, but that is because this is from the heart. I do not sit around for an hour everyday thinking about what to write. Speed is the key, it is a case of “bish, bash, bosh.”

And you can’t help liking him when he is all too human – he gives himself a hard time for the all too entrepreneurial failing of having too many ideas that lead to a lack of focus and all too extravagant spending in the past (3 kitchens in one year!!!). And there are some very funny entries – what you do with business cards: –

  1. Have the meeting
  2. Take the persons business card
  3. Get home, data load their details onto your database – within 24 hours
  4. Add notes about the meeting, note the date you met them
  5. Categorise the person, i.e. customer, prospect, supplier
  6. Burn the card

Do not:

  1. Keep the card for longer than one day
  2. Get emotionally attached to the card
  3. Carry it around in your briefcase
  4. Put it in a box in your study for nostalgic reasons
  5. Use the card as a tooth pick whilst travelling around the M25 at 93mph

He is also on the hunt for a ‘Mr I Do Not Exist’ – a debtor who is strenuously resisting paying up and is threatening to take him to court!

He has the humility to be self-aware and has fascinating insights into his business life. He asks his readers whether he should advertise his blog – have a read www.jeremyhall.co.uk and give your verdict. You will learn something about business and have a laugh too!



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Anrah is a business development consultancy specialising in helping senior women in engineering and science, their teams and doctoral students increase 'presence', improve communication and generate impact to win stakeholder buy-in at the highest level.
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