Managing The Invisible: 10 Common Mistakes In Speaking!

As you will know, being an avid reader of this blog, amongst other things, I am a trained vocal coach. My training was regarded as the best in the world when I went to Central School of Speech and Drama Central School historically was famous for producing actors with stunningly beautiful voices – – alumni included Laurence Olivier, Harold Pinter and Judi Dench. I was lucky enough to be taught by the best, to be the best. And I have been lucky enough to have the best clients in the world ever since.

I am about to hold my first workshop tomorrow morning, “Managing The Invisible: Your Unconscious Communication Skills”.

When you want decision makers to buy your idea, product or service it is very important you manage the unconscious signals that inspire trust and confidence. These unconscious skills include your body language and voice. Tomorrow, I’ll start by examining what the participants are hoping for – always wise to manage expectations and deliver to the need. We may well examine who their preferred audience (their target market) is in order to adjust their performance to hit the target. And then we’ll focus our attention on their body language and voices to see whether what they want to say and what  their bodies and voices say are in alignment.

A malfunctioning voice will get in the way of your message. It will distract from the discussion. Check you don’t make any of these mistakes that may well have a negative influence on the decision.

Have you ever……

  • had to hold the receiver of your phone away from your ear because your caller’s voice was so harsh, you felt too uncomfortable to listen to them?
  • been at a presentation that was so dull, you found your eyelids drooping?

You’d think that speaking was such a natural activity. Why should you worry about how you sound?

Well, you know how some people wonder why they just aren’t getting the sales. They know their stuff, their product fits the bill and still their potential customer isn’t clicking. They’ve just stopped listening.

Your voice is the vehicle that gets your message across. So when your voice distracts from the message, you have lost your listener.

Do you have a voice that’s : –

  • too quiet so people strain to hear you?

You may need to relax and develop better posture so that you can breathe more easily. Your breath is the fuel of your voice so more breath can help you produce more volume. When you have the breath, then you can project your voice to fill the room.

  • too high pitched?

You may be pushing your voice to use a higher range. However, it’s more likely that you are not using all your resonating chambers effectively so that you produce the lower frequencies in your voice. Ask me for my “Hot Confident Voice Tips!” to show you how to develop a beautiful tone of voice.

  • harsh when you are feeling tense?

You need to relax your shoulders and neck together with developing your breathing capacity. When you relax, your resonating chambers will then produce a more relaxed and open sound. My “Hot Confident Voice Tips!” shows you how to produce a softer though perfectly audible sound.

  • dull – and worry that people will think you ARE indeed dull?

You need to vary your pace, your pitch and your tonal pattern. Practise singing a tune to whatever it is you want to say. Look at moments when you can pause and vary your pauses. Find ways to slow down your delivery so people can keep up with you.

  • gets a sore throat on a regular basis after speaking?

You are using too much attack.Your breath hits your vocal folds and they are tense and rigid. It’s really, really important that you de-stress and learn relaxation techniques.

  • self conscious when you are addressing a meeting?

You are focusing on how people are reacting to you, not on what you are saying. Practise relaxation and refocus on your content. People are generally far more sympathetic than you fear

  • giving you worry that you aren’t getting heard in crowded rooms since your voice is too breathy?

You don’t have to shout to be heard. Good posture together with good breathing will help you have the volume. Develop a good tone so that your voice is resonant and commanding. Just ask me for my “Hot Confident Voice Tips!” to show you how.

  • not sounding authoritative when addressing your team?

Work on developing some assertiveness. Then it’s a matter of focusing on relaxed breathing and a resonant tone. Clearer articulation will help you as well. Focus on pausing every so often (authoritative people tend to speak more slowly and deeply – remember Margaret Thatcher’s commanding vocal makeover).

  • not got enough breath when you speak?

By now you’ll know the answer to this one! Your secret is to be able to relax, breathe and speak more slowly. You’ll be able to think more clearly too.

  • runs out before the end of sentences?

You are rushing. Slow down! Take your time! You will need to develop a greater capacity in your diaphragm through relaxing and good posture. Maybe you also need to pace yourself a little better so that you can pause more often. Be careful not to give in to vocal attack by pushing the sound from your throat. Focus your attention on producing the sound from your mouth. Get my “Hot Confident Voice Tips!” to show you how.

Please feel free to contact me any time to discuss what you’ve heard or read above

Stay in touch – I’d really love to hear how you are getting on. And click on to ask for my “Hot Confident Voice Tips!”

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Anrah is a business development consultancy specialising in helping senior women in engineering and science, their teams and doctoral students increase 'presence', improve communication and generate impact to win stakeholder buy-in at the highest level.
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