Are you endearing and infuriating? Read on..

Do you get enthusiastic over a new idea or product? Do you want to tell everyone about it? And then, do you get bored with it and on to the next product or idea? Well, you are likely to be a High I. High Is are very endearing and very infuriating! To learn more about how to sell to them, read on….

High Is – Extraverted and People Orientated

25% of the population




Dress: Conventional with an unusual accessory

These are the guys who motivate and inspire their teams. They generate fun, excitement and energy around them and get people to enjoy and delight in their work. They are the ones to get people to participate and step up a level in their thinking and action. In Wellington’s Peninsular War, there were two types of officer –  the “Go On” officers and the “Come On” officers. High Is are definitely the “Come Ons”! They are daring, risk-taking and chancers – routine bores imprisons them and they feel trapped by it. They are great at initiating projects though continuity and consolidation doesn’t play to their strengths. Unless they are focused they can appear flaky and careless since they haven’t bothered to provide themselves with the detail – though they need structure 80% of the time in order to innovate and find creative solutions. They are people oriented and tend to be surrounded by people a lot of the time. They much prefer to talk to people face-to-face than use the phone or email – they have a tendency to ignore emails! And asking them to work by themselves depresses them. They fear insignificance – feeling that they don’t matter, that their contribution is of no account. They thrive in fast-paced and fast-changing situations that need imaginative solutions. They get miserable in situations where they are constantly examined, judged and criticised, working on their own all day and with work which is routine and detailed.

To sell to them: –

  • Be friendly, relaxed and interested
  • Be adaptive – ready for diversions in the conversation
  • Keep yourself and them focused on where you are in the sales process and beware of getting de-railed!
  • Get them to sign on the dotted line before ‘buyer’s remorse’ sets in and they fall in love with the next new idea to come along
  • Suggest that other companies are excited enough to compete for you and your solution (ie you are popular!)
  • Show how significant they’ll become in buying you or your solution
  • Imply that you or your solution shows innovation and imagination
  • Get passionate about your solution  – it gets them excited and interested.

A relaxed and confident style appeals to them and charm doesn’t hurt!


About anrah

Anrah is a business development consultancy specialising in helping senior women in engineering and science, their teams and doctoral students increase 'presence', improve communication and generate impact to win stakeholder buy-in at the highest level.
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