Contending With Dragons

‘Begin at the beginning,’ the King said gravely, ‘and go on till you come to the end: then stop.’

Ah such wise words from Alice in Wonderland! Though how do you know where the beginning is…..and of course, when do you know it’s the end?

I started a book at the beginning of this year (January I mean!). It was helped enormously by my attending the Business Book Bootcamp led by Sarah Williams of Wordsmith who has published 80 books in her time. She gave the inspiration just to get words on the page and worry about shaping and style later. However, she started a hare! Once I got going, words tumbled and poured out of me. The book was called “Winning Attention: Developing An  Influential Personal Brand”.

Yes, yes I know. As people who know me will realise, I am pretty good at grabbing attention! Though it was in writing the opening chapters that I was gripped and excited. These were the ones about what undermines your Personal Brand and performance. I was examining the influences that are brought to bear on you from your past – and particularly as a growing child.

I myself know this territory very well indeed. I have been working on myself continually to refresh a dynamic commitment to life. Having had an exceedingly unhappy childhood and having adopted powerfully negative beliefs around ‘ I am alone. No one is there for me. I have to take responsibility for myself and I am too young for this’, I know very well how seductive this pattern of thinking is in the inevitable downturns of life. It has been thanks to extensive therapeutic help and wonderful bibliotherapy (self help books to you!), as well as self discipline that I have kept this dragon at bay.

Though I have a theory. People say I have presence and gravitas. They often ‘buy what they see on the tin’. In continually doing battle with this lonely dragon of fear and despair, I have developed a strength of character that inspires trust and confidence in others. People say they feel safe with me. And it’s true, I’m not much frightened of fear, mine or anyone else’s. Nothing and no one much intimidates me. Which makes me a valuable ally when you’re working to overcome self doubt and pain that gets in the way of a successful career in business. Along with St Michael the Archangel, it makes me an expert in contending with dragons!

So what is emerging is a new book – “The Cast Iron Self Confidence Of The Influential Leader”. What do you make of that title?


About anrah

Anrah is a business development consultancy specialising in helping senior women in engineering and science, their teams and doctoral students increase 'presence', improve communication and generate impact to win stakeholder buy-in at the highest level.
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6 Responses to Contending With Dragons

  1. Ewan Menzies says:

    Sarah, inspiring as always! I loved the course you did with us at The Infinite Group, and I still listen to your audio tapes – when is the book coming out?
    Speak soon.

    • anrah says:

      Thanks alot, Ewan. And so pleased that you have benefited from the audio. I hope (aaaaggghhhh!) the book will come out in the Spring. YOu’ll be one of the first with a copy!

  2. Alison Jukes says:

    Sarah, what inspiring thoughts! Can’t wait to get a peek at your book when its finished. No-one can get enough of ‘cast iron confidence’.

    • anrah says:

      Many thanks, Alison. Much appreciated.

      I shall be working on finishing the book over the Christmas period and it should be out in the Spring. You’ll be one of the first to have a copy!

    • anrah says:

      Hi John

      I’ve had a good look over your website and I strongly approve! I really like the sensible and kindly help and advice you offer your readers to help overcome shyness and social anxiety. I shall keep your site in mind in future.


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