Upstaged by PowerPoint? NO WAY!!!

Hmmmm, PowerPoint. A really controversial medium.

In a Radio 4 programme “Word Of Mouth” there was deep concern expressed from some scientists that PowerPoint has dictated style and delivery of presentations for more than a generation though doesn’t address issues in any scientific depth or complexity. So when the PP messages were being presented prior to the launch of the space shuttle Challenger, the bullet pointed addenda about dangers to the space shuttle were overlooked with disastrous and fatal consequences.

Furthermore, there was some speculation into how much of a learning tool it was. Students at college were found to be kept from boredom by PP though the retention of information was poor. It’s true that PP makes a presenter look good and professional though, really how much true learning takes place?

I confess to behave like a prima donna on this subject. I don’t like being upstaged. And to be upstaged by a glowing, colour filled screen that draws the eye, especially if the lighting is poor nearby is more than I can stand. When I know that 73% of all sales happen on an emotional level and then logic is employed to justify the choice, I know that it is the presenter needs to engage the audience, not the screen.

I am putting together a series of FREE Masterclasses on various topics to help business leaders to achieve their most persuasive and influential sales performance with decision makers. One of these is “Outstanding Presentations Without PowerPoint”. I will outline how to mesmerise the audience with compelling and authentic appeal making your presentation look effortlessly fascinating.

If you would be interested to come along, just drop me an email on letting me know your name, your company and phone number. I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Sarah McCloughry 07939 261743


About anrah

Anrah is a business development consultancy specialising in helping senior women in engineering and science, their teams and doctoral students increase 'presence', improve communication and generate impact to win stakeholder buy-in at the highest level.
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